‚ÄčIf you have cracked, sunken concrete around your property, act quickly to address the issue before it becomes worse. At Cypress Foundation Repair, we use Polyurethane foam to lift the concrete. The reason we choose this product is because it is inexpensive, and reacts quickly. This is s tried and true process that proves effective. Rather than simply using a compound of mud and concrete, our experts will apply the polyurethane foam that will expand between the voids and under the sunken concrete, thus lifting it up into a level position. There are other methods for doing the same job but this is one of our preferred methods because of the many benefits it affords us.

A Proven Effective Solution

When concrete settlement occurs, it is due to the amount moisture and soil density that is found under the concrete slab. It can be due to a drought, erosion or compact fill that the changes may occur underneath the slab. This is what usually causes the concrete to begin to sink. The problems that many people experience with concrete settlement isn’t anything new, in fact, it is usually very common. The most common places where we find this occurring is in parking lots, sidewalks, stairs, driveways and patios. In many cases, the customer thought that they had to have the entire concrete removed and replaced. They never knew that other options existed, namely polyurethane foam. The use of this product means that there will be fewer holes, which saves time. The amount of patchwork is also reduced since the size of the holes is not as big. Many of our customers appreciate the fact that they are capable of walking and driving on these structures again within 15 minutes of applying the polyurethane. The biggest advantage to using it is that it proves highly effective in lifting your concrete slab.

Increase Property Value

One of the things that a home appraiser will identify is problems in the foundation. If a prospective homebuyer hears that there are foundation issues, the person will often back out of the deal. This is something that we have seen happen quite often at Cypress Foundation Repair. We can add value to your home by effectively addressing your foundation settlement problems with polyurethane lifting. Give us a call before you even put your home on the market and we’ll get it ready in no time.

Hiring Cypress Foundation Repair

When there are foundation issues that can compromise your property, you must act now to address the problem. You might not understand how serious the problem is until it has become so bad that you are now forced to spend thousands of dollars to have it repaired. If you contact our professional foundation services at the onset of a foundation issue, we can get on top of the problem right away. Handling your slab settlement problem is easy for our contractors since they have effectively used polyurethane to assist hundreds of other customers. We proudly offer you our service guarantee.