Cypress Foundation Repair

When you are looking for foundation repairs services in Cypress, TX, look no further than Cypress Foundation Repair. We specialize in commercial and residential foundation repairs. If you don’t trust that we are able to effectively address your service foundation needs, check out our foundation repair reviews. Our foundation experts use the correct foundation repair methods to effectively handle any foundation problems you are facing. So don’t just settle for second best when our foundation contractor can provide you with the best quality of services possible.
They fix foundation problems faster than any other service provider in the area. If you’re wondering how much does foundation repair cost, don’t worry because we’re willing to work with you no matter the extent of the work that needs to be done. We’ll make sure your foundation repair costs suit your budget. Contact us today for your free inspection estimate and let us get started today.

About Us

We have been offering foundation repair services in the Cypress area for over three decades. We are a locally owned and operated foundation company. We never hide the cost of fixing foundations, as you will always know what is involved from the beginning. There are unexpected things that can happen to the property. That is why we are always willing to work with our customers to get them the help that they need. Our Foundation Repair Specialists have been with us for more than 10 years.


When you have foundation issues, we assure you that you can always count on our expert foundation contractors to be able to effectively address your concerns. We address your problems quickly because we understand just how serious the problem can be when it is not. We help our customers avoid more costly repairs in the future by quickly and effectively addressing their foundation service needs.


When you start to experience problems with concrete settling, you may be compromising your building or home structure. Get help right away for your flab problems. The minute you begin to notice cracks in your flooring, give us a call at Cypress Foundation Repair. Our slab repair solutions offer long-lasting benefits to those who utilize our services. Our expert will determine the cause of your trouble and address it from its source.
It is possible for your pier and beam to begin to wear out due to the natural determination of the wood used to construct them. To ensure that your entire structure doesn’t cave in, you must have repairs made to secure the pier and beams. Our professional contractors know how to properly replace the part of your foundation that requires it, while safely avoiding those areas that do not need replacing.
When you concrete starts to settle, it may start to show in the appearance of your patio, steps or sidewalk. When the concrete starts to settle the soil underneath will shift, thus causing these areas to become uneven. Uneven stairs and walkway can be dangerous for everyone. Those who are most affected are small children and elderly persons. Have this problem resolved quickly before anyone is harmed.


Relying on the correct product for polyurethane lifting is crucial to the process. At Cypress Foundation Repair we always use the best and most effective products to ensure that the job is done right. Also, just as important as making sure the job is done right is making sure that the correct equipment is used to handle the job. We have all that we need for your polyurethane lifting needs.


​If you’re looking for a home foundation repair service or commercial foundation repair service in Cypress, you have arrived at the right place, Cypress Foundation Repair. We offer you fair pricing and superior quality of service. Our contractors have the skills and qualifications needed to provide you with an efficient job that is well-done. Don’t take chances of the problem becoming worse when we are only a phone call away.

“We had a big foundation issue around our building and didn't want to be liable for any of our employees harming themselves. After careful consideration, we hired Cypress Foundation Repair. They had the problem taken care of in no time.” ​– Carlos H

“When someone in Cypress needs foundation repairs, they often rely on our experts at Cypress Foundation Repair. They have been known to offer the best quality of services around. We are happy to say that they certainly lived up to their reputation. We definitely recommend their services.” – Cameron P.

“We used another foundation floor contractor in the past but they were not available to when we needed them. Our family referred us to Cypress Foundation Repair and we’re glad they did. They worked hard to repair our foundation and kept us informed during the process. Great service! ​– Tammy P.