Piers that are situated on concrete footings balance your home. They have to be perfectly balanced. The beams hold up the structure and the piers hold up the beams. Our foundation repair technicians are capable of getting to these things via your crawl space. This makes it easy for our concrete foundation experts to access them if you start to experience foundation problems. Since the pier and beam are constructed of wood, they tend to deteriorate as time goes on. Since the footings are typically very shallow, you may experience a lot of soil movement. This is a problem that should be quickly addressed by a concrete professional.

Known Pier and Beam Issues

The above problems are the most prominent. Despite any problems that you might experience with your property’s pier and beam, it is nice to know that you will not have to leave your home to have them repaired. Due to their design, it is easy to make the needed repairs and adjustments. Unfortunately, the pier and beam system is shallow, which means soil movement affects it. Once the soil starts to move, the property will become uneven and dangerous. The movement of soil can happen very rapidly or over time.

Repairing Your Pier and Beam

The parts of your pier and beam must be repaired once they begin to deteriorate. In most cases, the entire flooring frame doesn’t have to be replaced, only the parts that were affected. Replacing the structural components of the pier and beam can be very challenging. This is why someone with proven experience should only handle the process. There are some foundation repair companies that will add to the already deteriorating parts of the system rather than replacing them or remove them. This can cause the weight to become unevenly distributed; which should be avoided. Since shallow foundation systems are prone to move, you can expect the soil to shift. Let us evaluate your foundation today and avoid any further problems with your property’s foundation

Hiring an Expert

Our foundation repair experts have been in the industry for a very long time. They know how to effectively get you the help that you need based on their findings. Our expert foundation repair experts will make sure that the job is done right by performing a thorough evaluation of your property foundation. It doesn’t matter how extensive the job is, you can count on our experienced foundation repair professionals. We don’t take advantage of your misfortune by overcharging you. You are able to get the quality of service that you want and need from a qualified expert when you rely on Cypress Foundation Repair. An expert will protect their reputation by always doing their best to provide our customers with the quality of service that they deserve. If you suspect that you are experiencing a problem with your property’s foundation but are not certain, do yourself a favor and contact us to take a look at it for you.