​Slab foundations are prone to experience problems due to the raising and falling of the soil. With the fluctuation of the soil, the slab is under a great deal of pressure. This means that it can eventually fail. Cypress Foundation Repair is capable of making any needed repairs to your concrete slab. It is extremely important to have the slab repaired as quickly as possible to prevent structural problems that can greatly impact your property. Our services are preferred due to our number of years in the industry. We are known for our slab repair services because we make a complete foundation inspection prior to making any repairs. This enables us to identify the exact type of foundation you have. When we know the type of foundation that you have, we are able to provide you with the best job possible.

Signs That Your Slab Needs Repairing

Slab failure is common with one-story houses. Those houses that have lots of trees nearby stand more of a chance of experiencing foundation problems. If you live in a warm climate area, you are also more prone to experiencing foundation issues. If you take a close look at the floors in your home, you will notice uneven floors or cracked floors. This means that the slab that is holding up your home, is settling. If you check the outside of your home and notice the bricks on the outside of your home cracking, doors, and windows that are sticking, or internal cracking found on sheetrock, these are clear signs of slab failure.

Our Slab Repair Resolution

At Cypress Foundation Repair we have a team of highly skilled and qualified foundation contractors. The repair process that we apply for repairing concrete slab will work on any type of project that involves the repairing of the slab. With our process, we’ll get the foundation leveled again so that you can avoid further disturbance or damages. Installing helical piles may be the solution for your repair needs. If this is the case, it can take up to 48 hours to take effect. Once this has been accomplished, your slab will be as good as new again. We are committed to helping you protect your property. This is why will even install piles in your house instead of outside the house. You can go on living in your home during the repair process.

Why Hire Cypress Foundation Repair

With the help of our foundation experts, we’ll be able to provide you with the most effective slab repair possible. Give us the chance to earn your business and you will soon see why our services are preferred to any others in Cypress, TX. Our contractors take their time to make sure you are able to receive the help you need in a timely manner so that the problem doesn’t become worse. Knowing how serious a foundation problem can be, we do our best to make sure you are able to receive the help that you need right away.